Import or Relocate Animals into Malaysia (cats dogs)

Importing live animals into Malaysia is subjected to the regulations enforced by the MAQIS / DVS. 

We provide a customised plan for the following based on your individual needs:
  • A registered agent to handle your needs
  • Advice on countries that are exempted from quarantine and those that are not by Malaysia and the procedures involved
  • Bookings and caring for animals at the Malaysian Quarantine Facility (please be aware that the local MAQIS requires an advanced booking for quarantine facility subject to availability and first come first serve basis)
  • Meeting or receiving your pet at the Malaysian KLIA airport for clearance check at the airport
  • Porting your pet to the quarantine facility (unless exempted from quarantine)
  • Permits for importation
  • A checklist of all the documents required at the entry port of Malaysia to enable a breeze of procedures and eficiency

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Quarantine Facility and care