Export or Relocate Animals from Malaysia (cats dogs)

Exporting or relocating an animal from Malaysia to another country can be a daunting experience.
Every country has its own set of live animal laws that needs to be fulfilled before you are able to send your furry friends off. For example exporting to Australia would require you to start the procedure as early as prior to 6months.

We will provide you with:
  • Assurance of a registered agent
  • A detailed time frame plan as required by the country to export
  • Venues for Pet passport / microchip
  • Completing the specific blood tests that areĀ  required, also address the issue of quality of blood samples sent to avoid a need for redundant courier
  • Transportation of blood samples to an approved laboratory to conduct the required tests
  • Obtaining health certificates / permits from the authorized agencies involved
  • Advice on the required IATA-Life-Pets-Regulations approved crate / carrier or assisting you in obtaining one

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