About Us

We are small family owned animal relocation business.
We are licensed, registered and authorized agent.
We provide friendly, affordable and customised service to cater for your pet’s need and budget.
We are able to provide all your pet’s travel needs from A-Z.
We provide advice and services on:
  • Preparation of all travel documentation and checklist
  • Authorised Veterinary certifications for Malaysia
  • Import / Export permits
  • Passport and Microchip
  • Quarantine handling and care
  • Pet vaccinations requirements (routine vaccines )
  • Deworming
  • Flea treatments
  • Blood tests (i.e. Nipah virus test, RNATT rabies titre test)
  • Carriers and crates that follow IATA traveling regulations
  • Transporting your furry family member safely in an efficient & timely manner

Since we also run our own home-based cattery of pedigreed Turkish Van cats and have imported numerous breeding cats for ourselves and our friends, we are well adept at providing accurate and reliable information that would fulfil your needs.

Contact us (below). We will be in touch with you!